The Accident Story
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The Accident---by Jades

"Felix, come and get your breakfast!" Janet King bustled about her small kitchen getting this and fixing that for one member of her family or another."'Felix," she called again,"I'll..." Just then, Felix dragged downstairs.
"I know, I know, you'll feed it to the pigs!" He ignored the annoyed look on his mother's face, ran his fingers through his hair, and sat down. He was just about to dig in, when suddenly, Janet whisked up his plate and dumped its contents out the back door. "Mother!" Felix howled, "What are you doing?" Janet sat down with a flustered yet smug look on her face. "Well, I figured that after all these years, it was high-time I prived that I really would give your breakfast to the pigs!" Felix's face was filled with shock and horror.
"But Mother, I'm hungery!" Alec looked up from his paper an surveyed the scene.
"Now Janet, was that really nescessary? Felix has to go to work."
"Oh Alec," Janet moaned,"I don't know what came over me! I'm just so, so, so.."
"So fed up with Felix you could just scream." Felicity said as she walked in. Alec frowned.
"Felicity." Felicity flounced into her chair.
"Well Father, you know as well as I do that Felix has never been to breakfast on time. That's enough to drive anyone crazy, much less his lazy ways and annoying habits. Really Father, you ought to control him better. Felix King is a useless, stressful, and hopeless boy and there's nothing we can do about it." Felix glowered at his sister.
"You're just jealous!" He said. Felicity put on an expression of horror. "Jealous!" she said, "Why should I be jealous of you?" Felix's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Because I get to go out with Izzy today, and Gus is away at sea." Felicity shreiked with anger. "Felix!" she growled, "You take that back!" Felix laughed,
"You'll have to catch me first."
"Now children," Janet started. But it was to late, they were already gone. "Oh dear." She sat down and looked across at her husband. Alec grimaced
"Mmm. You'd think that they'd out-grow that."

The White Sands Hotel gleamed in the glare of the sun. Bggies drove to and fro, and the bell at the front desk seemed to emit a steady ring. Felix couldn't wait to go home. There had been an unending flow of customers, Mr. Tremaine was out sick, which put Aunt Hetty in charge, andworst of all, Thelma Bugal had stuck to him like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. There was only one thing that kept him sane on days like this. Izzy. That was another reason he couldn't wait to go. "Felix!" Felix jumped, his thought flow cevered. "Felix!" Hetty King pratically pounced on him. "Felix, dear, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Izzy's been in an accident." Felix's pulse raced and spots flashed before his eyes. Izzy! "It appears that her horse threw her or some such. At least that's what I heard." Felix didn't wait to hear anymore. He guided himself outdoors and tore acoss the fields to the Pettibone's house.