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The following are taken:

Izzy Pettibone---Jades(me)
Felix King---Shelly
Felicity King---Aslaug
Murial Stacey---Rachel
Peter Craig---James

The following are available:

Cecily King
Gus Pike
Sara Stanley
Janet King
Alec King
Hetty King
Olivia Dale
Morgan Pettibone
Arthur Pettibone
Jasper Dale
Clemmie Ray
velma Bugle
Simon Tremain
Rachel Lynde
Davey Keith
Dora Keith
Clive Pettibone
Elvira Lawson
Mr. Lawson
Clara Potts
Sally Potts
Chef Pierre

Any character not listed in the above lists is available.

To join, click on the picture to the left. Go to entertainment,then look under role playing.

Click on the picture below to go to my home page.

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